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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Volume 15 Number (3) July-Aug-Sep 2022

Clinical Trial Phases and their Registration in India: A Systematic Review

D.D. Rishi Pathak, S.S. Sonawane, Jivan G. Patil*, Diptanshu S. Kasar, Sonali R. Chavan,
Nikita R. Shahane, Priya M. Gadak, Pooja R. Shinde and Tejaswi D. Kandalkar

Page Number : 372- 378

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Efficacy of Kodo Millets Paspalum scrobiculatum: A Systematic Review

Shikha Yadav, Gurminder Kaur* and Siddharth Vats

Page Number : 379-385

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Fish Poly Culture in Domestic Wastewater Ponds: A Step Towards
Protein Rrecovery and Pollution Reduction

Sharique A. Ali

Page Number : 386-389

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Chaos Theory of Mathematics as seen from a New Perspective for Weather Forecasting

Ricardo Osés Rodríguez1, Rigoberto Fimia Duarte2*, Claudia Osés
Llanes3 and Frank M. Wilford González

Page Number : 390-398

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Purification and Characterization of Keratinase from Aneurinibacillus
Isolated from a Xerophytic Plant Opuntia ficus-indica

Sujata S, Vandana R*, Dattu S, Ravi M, Krishna R,
Narmada S, Roopa N and Shajji D

Page Number : 399-406

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The Diversity and Biogeography of Haloalkaliphilic Bacterial
Communities Producing Alkaliphilic Protease

Ami D. Varia1, Devayani R. Tipre2, Shailesh R. Dave3 and Viral Y. Shukla1*

Page Number : 407-418

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Molecular Genetic of Hemochromatosis Disease using Bioinformatics Tools

Rabindra Kumar Mishra1, Sushree Rajalaxmi Biswal2,
Kalinga Swain2 and Somyadeep Biswal2

Page Number : 419-423

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Optimizing α-amylase Production from locally Isolated Aspergillus
species Using Selected Agro Waste as Substrate

Mustapha Abdulsalam 1, Hauwa Ibrahim Fari2, Bashir Bolaji
Tiamiyu3, Olaitan Lateefat. Salam4

Page Number : 424-430

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On the Stability Indicating Reverse Phase High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Method
for Quantitative Estimation of Impurities in Gadobutrol Solution for Intravenous Administration

Sanni Babu Najana1, Rama Krishna Veni Pokala2, Geetha Bhavani K3,
Bala Murali Krishna Khandapu1* and Hari Babu Bollikolla1*

Page Number : 435-441

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Effect of Nitrogen on the Biomass Production and Lipid Accumulation of
Micractinium reisseri: A Potential Microalgal Strain for Bio-Fuel Production.

Sudha Sahay* and Vincent Braganza

Page Number : 442-449

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