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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Effects of Salt Stress on the Growth and Nodulation of the Chickpea, Cicer arietinum

Abdullah Salim Mohammad Alqarni11, Saad M. Howladar1, Abdulaziz Saeed
Mohammed Alghamdi1 and Mohiuddin Khan Warsi2*

Page Number : 132-140

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Analyzing the Bivalve Species of Genus Parreysia Along With Water Quality
of Kuadhas and Pangoli Rivers from Gondia Maharashtra, India

V. Ade1 and P. M. Makode2

Page Number : 141-145

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Multimedia Education Program on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Management, Prevention of Complication and Side-Effects of Drugs on Hepatitis-B Among Hepatitis Patients – A Pre-Experimental Study

Ratul Ch Biswas1 and  Rahul Shil2

Page Number : 146-154

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Oncogenic Viruses: A Comparative Evolutionary Study

Poornima Shyam ,S.Subramaniam,  Shyama Subramaniam and Mythili U

Page Number : 155-160

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Characterization and Chemical Management of Cumin Wilt
Disease Caused by Fusarium oxysporum

Neekita D. Charan, Kiransinh N. Rajput and Rakeshkumar R. Panchal*

Page Number : 161-166

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Diversity of Avian species in Upper Wardha Reservoir, Morshi, Amravati, Maharashtra

Lunge Ashwin1*, Wagh Gajanan2, Rawankar Amol3 and Chaudhari Pratik4

Page Number : 167-170

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Quantum Secure Communication: A Comprehensive Literary Analysis with In-Depth Insights

Vavilla Rupesh1, Cheemalamarri Venkata Naga Rugvidh2, Thatiparthi Subramanya
Prem Rajiv Kumar3, S. Kiran4*, A. Ashok Kumar5*, Chinnem Rama Mohan6*

Page Number : 171-177

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Machine Learning in Healthcare Technology: Insights, Challenges, Roles and Applications

R. Naga Sathvik1, T.S Prem Rajiv Kumar2, CH. V. N. Rugvidh3, Vavilla Rupesh4,
Chinnem Rama Mohan*5 N. Subramanyan6, S. Kiran*
and A. Ashok Kumar*

Page Number : 178-189

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Isolation of Alkaline Protease from Fruit Waste and its Application as Detergent

Indhumathi T, Mahavidhya R, S Mavuniq and V Pooja Shri

Page Number : 190-196

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Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antidiabetic Potential of Acalypha indica leaf
extract: Identification of Bioactive Factors

Ramesh Kumar N, Pabbathi Srikrishna, Sudha Rani, Swathi and A Roja Rani

Page Number : 197-206

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