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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Optimizing Genome Editing for Wheat Genetic Improvement:
Current Status and Future Prospective

Fekede Meshesha Namo

Page Number : 212-218

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Effect of Calcium Carbide Exposure Through Inhalation in Lungs of Mus musculus

Soumi Banerjee, Pujita Ghosh, Debajyoti Patra, Pratip
Chakraborty, Kaustav Dutta Chowdhury

Page Number : 219-224

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Role of Mycorrhiza Colonization in Phosphorus Deficiency in Tomato Seedlings Affected
By Different Levels of Mycorrhiza Species

Randa S. Bairum1*, Abdel Moneim E. Sulieman2*, Mahdi A. A3and Abdelbagi Mohamedelnour4,
Safa A. Sherfi 5, Hassan B. Elamin6, Bandar Aloufi2, Nujud Almuzaini2 and Zakaria A. Salih7

Page Number : 225-232

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Synergetic Impact of Sodium Azide and Ethyl Methane Sulfonate Treatment on
SSR Marker-Based Assessment of Okra Seedling Genetic Purity

Mayur S. Dhole , Ashwinikumar B. Kshirsagar Ashok A. Shinde and Kundan N. More

Page Number : 233-240

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On the Diversity and Taxonomic Evaluation of Wood-Decaying Fungi
from Ajanta Forest Caves, Maharashtra, India

Vijay Udhav Gore¹* and Vasant Pandit Mali²

Page Number : 241-248

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Relationship Between Body Mass Index, Cardiovascular Fitness and Physical
Activity Among Computer Professionals from Three Indian Cities

Aman Goswami, Alpna Ahuja and Mohammad Miraj

Page Number : 249-253

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Melanin Inhibitory Effects of Aloe vera Crude Extracts on the
Isolated Scale Melanocytes of Zebrafish, Danio rerio

Gulafsha Kassab and Sharique A. Ali

Page Number : 254-257

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Effects of Salt Stress on the Growth and Nodulation of the Chickpea, Cicer arietinum

Abdullah Salim Mohammad Alqarni11, Saad M. Howladar1, Abdulaziz Saeed
Mohammed Alghamdi1 and Mohiuddin Khan Warsi2*

Page Number : 132-140

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Analyzing the Bivalve Species of Genus Parreysia Along With Water Quality
of Kuadhas and Pangoli Rivers from Gondia Maharashtra, India

V. Ade1 and P. M. Makode2

Page Number : 141-145

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Multimedia Education Program on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Management, Prevention of Complication and Side-Effects of Drugs on Hepatitis-B Among Hepatitis Patients – A Pre-Experimental Study

Ratul Ch Biswas1 and  Rahul Shil2

Page Number : 146-154

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