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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Peculiarities of the Population Dynamics of Brown-Tail Moth Euproctis chrysorrhoea,
in the Plantations of  Penza Region of Russia

Viktor Mladentsev1, Vladimir Dubrovin2, Ivan Es’kov3,
Yuriy Ryabushkin4
and Elena Kritskaya5

Page Number : 538-543

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On the Role of Physical Education Programs in the Extracurricular Hours to
Improve Physical Fitness for 14-15 Year old Boys

Do Tan Phong

Page Number : 544-548

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Production of Wheat Seed Through Various Plantation Practices in Maternal Environment

Arda Karasakal

Page Number : 549-552

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Fish Reproduction Conditions of Volgograd Reservoir Near the Villages of
Akhmat and Zolotoe, Russia in 2020 in Comparison With Previous Years

Dmitry Iu. Tiulin*, Aleksey A. Vasiliev, Iuliy A. Guseva,
Oleg A. Gurkin and Anna A. Anurieva

Page Number : 553-558

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Microbiota of Cattle Buildings in the Northern Trans-Urals

Larisa A. Glazunova1, Ivan V. Plotnikov2, Yuri V. Glazunov3,
Evgenii M. Gagarin2 and Angelina A. Yurchenko2

Page Number : 480-484

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Serum Lipid Profile in Patients Visiting King Khalid General Hospital in Majmaah, Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Alaidarous1,2, Ranjay Choudhary1, Raed Alharbi3, Saeed Banawas1,2,4, Bader Alshehri1,2,
Abdul Aziz Bin Dukhyil1,2, Shabir Mir1, Mohammed Alsaweed1 and  Mohamed Waly5

Page Number : 563-569

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Effect of Tele-Rehabilitation Exercise Program on Pain and Functional
Ability in Patients with Neck Pain

Amr Ahmad Fallatah2*, Anwar Abdulgayed Ebid2, Majed Abdulrahman
Alghamdi3, Omar Ali Saleh Alqarni4 and Omar Ali Al-Amodi5

Page Number : 570-573

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Role of Collaborative Network Learning in Developing the Effectiveness of  Research Self-Identity Among the Students of College of Education of King Khalid University Abha Saudi Arabia

Loubna Hussain Rashid Al-Ajmi

Page Number : 574-580

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Production of Bioethanol from Sugarcane Juice, Molasses and Paddy
Straw using Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kaur Singh Nehra1, Mukesh R. Jangra1, Pooja Sharma1, Minakshi Aggarwal1, Pooja Mishra1,
Rama Bharti1, Hitesh Sachdeva1, Pardeep Poonia1 and Sumit Jangra2*

Page Number : 581-586

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Evaluating the Effectiveness of Three DNA Bar Code Loci to Classify
Jewel Orchids Using In silico Approach

Viet The Ho

Page Number : 587-593

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