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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Big Data Analytics Strategy Framework: A Case of Crowd
Management During Hajj

Hanaa Ali Aldahawi

Page Number : 1975-1984

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Significance of Addressal of Clinical Investigations of Kidney Functions in
Recovery/Mortality of Certain COVID-19 Patients

Bennet Angel1, Annette Angel1, Vinod Joshi1*, Manisha Jindal2, Pooja Rastogi2, Nuzhat Peer1, BM
Shareef1, Soumi Sadhu1, Swati Singh1, Sunita Sharma1, KanuPriya1, Rashmi Chouhan3, Jyoti Jethani4

Page Number : 1985-1991

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Isolation and Molecular Identification of Phenol Degrading Bacterium from
Industrial Wastes, Collected from Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Bothaina A. Alaidaroos

Page Number : 1992-2001

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On the Body Image and Standard Score Scale for Ideal Body
of Women in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Huynh Trong Khai1, Chau Vinh Huy1 and Dao Chanh Thuc2*

Page Number : 2002-2006

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Improved Cleansing Process of Stuck Soil Brush from Cleaners
During the Sugar Beet Harvest

Pavel Nikolaevich Kuznetsov, Andrey Anatolyevich
Zavrazhnov and Ivan Pavlovich Kuznetsov

Page Number : 2007-2012

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Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in Big Data for
Decision Making in Higher Education

Hanna Mohammad Said1* and Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem2

Page Number : 2013-2019

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Insecticidal Efficacy of Medicines During Cat Flea Infestations in Tyumen

Dmitry S.Kruglov1*and Olga A. Stolbova2

Page Number : 2020-2024

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Antimicrobial Activities and Molecular Signature of Endophytic Fungi of
Opuntia ficus-Indica Cacti and the Cactus-Like Plant Aloe vera

Afaf S. Alghamdi, Wafa A. Alshehri*, Ruba Abdulrahman Ashy,
Rukaia Gashgari and Alhanouf I. Albejad

Page Number : 2025-2031

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On the Severity of COVID-19 in Intensive Care and the Role
of Invasive Ventilation: A Proportion Meta-Analysis

Fatmah Othman 1,2, Taha Ismaeil2,3 and  Ashraf El-Metwally4

Page Number : 459-466

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Surgical Exposure and Orthodontic Management of Unilateral
Impacted Maxillary Central Incisor: A Case Report

Eman Ibrahim Al Shayea

Page Number : 467-471

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