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Call for Special Issue

Call for Papers Special Issue 2024
Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

Special Issue On
Futuristic Actions for Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Vision 2030
(Vol 17 No (1) Jan-Feb-March 2024)

Dear Colleagues

On behalf of Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications, an open access journal since 2008, it is a privilege to invite you to submit one of your valued manuscripts for its special thematic issue on, “Futuristic Actions for Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Vision 2030”.

Original unpublished manuscripts up to 4000 words, written as per instructions to authors of our journal, in areas of Climate Change and Sustainable Development are welcome for a peer reviewed Special Issue of Biosc. Biotech. Res. Comm. Vol 17 No (1) Jan-Feb-March 2024 (in press).

Please submit your MS before 15th December 2023 for a full waiver of APC (Limited Edition)

Why a Special Issue on this life saving topic? Sustainable Development Goal 13 warns that: every person, in every country in every continent will be impacted in some shape or form by climate change. There is a climate cataclysm looming, and we are underprepared for what this could mean. The impacts can be devastating. If left unchecked, climate change will undo a lot of the development progress made over the past years risking our very survival. The selected articles in this special issue will provide a systematic insight into the problems and solutions for our own survival, keeping in view the WHOs SDG 13.

Some of the areas are: Climate Change, Policies, Strategies & Planning, Natural Ecosystems, Environmental Degradation, Environment Health Equity, Integrated Climate Change Measures, Biodiversity, Terrestrial and Wetland Ecosystems, Waste Reclamation, Food Security and Production, Biotechnology, Public Health and Diseases, Biomedicine, Alternative Medicines, Nutraceuticals, Biomolecules, Key Economic Sectors: Health Care & Agriculture.

Why publish with us? Selected original articles for the special issue will be published free. The journal is indexed in several leading agencies of the world. For indexing:  Please visit our website for instructions to authors for online submission

Looking forward to receive your manuscripts for the special issue at the earliest. Will be highly obliged if this communication is shared with your colleagues.

Sharique A Ali

Chief Editor
Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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