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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Bimetallic Nanoparticles Expanding Grassroots in Medical Health
through Enhanced  Microbial  Resistance

Laxmi Bhatti, Sunita Khatak*, Aayushi Gaur, Meena Bagiyal and Pranay Jain

Page Number : 54-63

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IOT Based Paraplegia Patient Communication Device Using Smart Glove

Brindha  S, S. Deepak, M. Deepak, P. Iruthayaraj Richarson and R. Hariharan

Page Number : 64-67

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A Review of Tag-aware Recommender Systems for Future
Applications in Research and Development

Reham Alabduljabbar, Rabab Al Aman and Alia Alshehri

Page Number : 483-493

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Effect of Phytohormones on In-vitro Bud and Root Formation
of the Water Hyacinth, Eichhornia crassipes

Thi Anh Thoa Tran,1,2  Thuong Kiet Do1and Trang Viet Bui 1

Page Number : 501-506

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Bacteriological and Physicochemical Evaluation of Selected
Bottled Water Brands in Nasarawa, Kano State, Nigeria

Mustapha Abdulsalam1, Hafsah, M. Ahmad,2 Olaitan L. S,3 and Adeyemi O. A4

Page Number : 507-512

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Water Resources of Rivers and Erosion-Accumulation Processes

Fedor Lisetskii

Page Number :

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Effect of Multi-Functional Therapeutic Active Extract of Marine
Asterias rubens against Tooth Decaying Pathogens

Vijayalakshmi*and A. Mohankumar

Page Number : 513-515

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Quality Enhancement of Multifocus & Medical Images Using Hybrid
Wavelets Based Fusion for Bioengineering Applications

Chinnem Rama Mohan1*, Siddavaram Kiran2 and Vasudeva3

Page Number : 516-524

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Cucurbitacin Compounds Against Estrogen Receptor: Literature Review

Gandepalli Pratap Kumar* and Saravanan N

Page Number : 494-500

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On the Diversity and Abundance  of Beetles in Lakhimpur, Assam  India

Jashodeb Arjun, Karina Tamuli, Kaushik Boruah, Nikita
Borah, Joyshree Saikia Rajdeep Nath and Rajesh Paul

Page Number : 525-531

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