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Acute Toxicity Alterations in Oxidative Stress Enzymes and Biochemical Parameters in Oreochromis mossambicus, Induced by Cartap Hydrochloride and the Modulatory Effects of Ocimum sanctum Supplementation

Sharmistha Medda1, Nimai Chandra Saha1*, Arnab Chatterjee1,
Shruti Ghosh1 and Sarmila Pal2

Page Number : 532-541

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On the Dominant Behavior of Zooplankton in Different
types of Domestic Sewage Oxidation Ponds

Sharique A Ali, Hanumantha M Raju and Gulafsha Kassab

Page Number : 542-546

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16s rRNA Amplicon Sequencing Approach for Community and Predictive Functional
Diversity of Therapeutically Valuable Formulation of Cow-derivatives

Nilam Vaghamshi1, Himani Gandhi1, Urvisha Beladiya1, Amitsingh Mangrola2
Pravin Dudhagara1 Rajesh Patel1 and Rajesh Chaudhari3*

Page Number : 547-551

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Incidence of Climate on the Number of Admissions and Deaths Due to Cerebrovascular
Diseases Through Mathematical Modeling In Sagua La Grande, Villa Clara, Cuba

Jorge Luis Alonso Freyre1, Ricardo Osés Rodríguez2, Claudia Osés Llanes3,
Lourdes María Basanta Marrero1 and Rigoberto Fimia-Duarte4,5*

Page Number : 552-554

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Clinical Trial Phases and their Registration in India: A Systematic Review

D.D. Rishi Pathak, S.S. Sonawane, Jivan G. Patil*, Diptanshu S. Kasar, Sonali R. Chavan,
Nikita R. Shahane, Priya M. Gadak, Pooja R. Shinde and Tejaswi D. Kandalkar

Page Number : 372- 378

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Efficacy of Kodo Millets Paspalum scrobiculatum: A Systematic Review

Shikha Yadav, Gurminder Kaur* and Siddharth Vats

Page Number : 379-385

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Fish Poly Culture in Domestic Wastewater Ponds: A Step Towards
Protein Rrecovery and Pollution Reduction

Sharique A. Ali

Page Number : 386-389

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Chaos Theory of Mathematics as seen from a New Perspective for Weather Forecasting

Ricardo Osés Rodríguez1, Rigoberto Fimia Duarte2*, Claudia Osés
Llanes3 and Frank M. Wilford González

Page Number : 390-398

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Purification and Characterization of Keratinase from Aneurinibacillus
Isolated from a Xerophytic Plant Opuntia ficus-indica

Sujata S, Vandana R*, Dattu S, Ravi M, Krishna R,
Narmada S, Roopa N and Shajji D

Page Number : 399-406

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The Diversity and Biogeography of Haloalkaliphilic Bacterial
Communities Producing Alkaliphilic Protease

Ami D. Varia1, Devayani R. Tipre2, Shailesh R. Dave3 and Viral Y. Shukla1*

Page Number : 407-418

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