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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Volume 13 No 2 (April-May-June 2020)

Annonaceous Acetogenin Annonin – I Inhibits HCT 116 Colorectal Cancer Cells Proliferation by Acting on Mitochondrial NADH Dehydrogenase-1

Sewali Ghosh1 and *Habeeb Shaik Mohideen2

Page Number : 500-507

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Stimulatory Effect of Probiotic Bacterium Bacillus firmus CAS 7 on Growth, Survival and Colour of Tomato Clown Amphiprion frenatus (Brevoort, 1856)

M. V. Rajeswari 1*, Ankita Mitra2, Dushyant Kanwar2, Wilson Aruni2 A and T. Balasubramanian3

Page Number : 508-515

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Effect of Curcumin on Cell- ECM Interaction in Human Breast Cancer Cells MDA-MB-231

Sekhar Pal,1  Kirat Kumar Ganguly2 and Amitava Chatterjee3*

Page Number : 516-521

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The State of Micro-Rheological Properties of Red Blood Cells in Rats on the Background of Physical Inactivity

Valery P. Kartashev

Page Number : 522-526

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Nurses’ Attitude Regarding Patient Safety in Primary Healthcare Centers of Saudi Arabia: A Cross-Sectional Study

Ebtesam A. Elsayed*1,2, Hessa A. Almutairi3, Fahad M. Matashish4 and Hanan A. Abuhaimid3

Page Number : 527-534

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A Report on Wild Edible Fruits Used by the Tribal Communities Inhabiting Near Katepurna Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra, India

Rupali P. Shirsat1* and Deepak K. Koche2

Page Number : 535-540

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Analysis of Extra-Cellular Productions of Bacillus subtilis Sub-Merged Fermentation Cultures Supplemented with Rotten Potatoes and Sugar Beets

Ikram-ul Haq*1, Komal Nazir1, Ghulam Yasin2,  Sajid Ali1 and Mahnoor Dua1

Page Number : 541-549

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Agro-Industrial Residues as Solid Substrate for α-Amylase Production Using Solid State
Fermentation by Filamentous Fungi: A Review

Santosh Kumar Mishra,1* Priya Ranjan Kumar1, Ravi Kant Singh2  and Ajay Kumar Singh3

Page Number : 550-555

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Analyzing Students’ Perceptions of Educational Environment in New Dental Colleges, Turkey using DREEM Inventory

Mohammed A. Alraawi*1, Sahin Baris2, Nasser M Al Ahmari3, Abdulkhaliq A Alshadidi4, Nazim H. Abidi5, Mohammed M Al Moaleem6

Page Number : 556-564

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