Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

P-ISSN: 0974-6455 E-ISSN: 2321-4007

Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

Volume 14 Number 3 July- Sep 2021

In vitro Evaluation of Biocontrol Agents Against Fusarium
to Eliminate Wilting of Cumin.

Neekita D. Charan, Kiransinh N. Rajput and
Rakeshkumar R. Panchal* 

Page Number : 1041-1045

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Extracts of Medicinal Plants for Preventing Postnatal Complications in Cows

Sergey Yurievich Garmashov*, Olga Borisovna Konstantinova
and Lyubov Vladimirovna Popova

Page Number : 1046-1052

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Comparative Genomics of Aquatic and Fish Pathogenic Flavobacterium spp.

1Ruchi Srivastava and Madhumita Srivastava2*

Page Number : 1053-1060

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Psychological Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Dental
Students: A Cross-Sectional Study

Huda Alkawari1 and Aljazi Aljabaa2

Page Number : 1060-1064

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Identification and Growth Characterization of Native Microalgae Isolated from
Different Environments of Saudi Arabia

Mashael Alshareef1, Essam K. F. Elbeshehy1,2, Wafa A.
Alshehri1* and  Hanan H. Omar3

Page Number : 1065-1076

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Role of Environment and Contact-Pattern Factors in Pulmonary
Tuberculosis Patients from Bandung City, Indonesia

Budi Sujatmiko1, 2, Kurnia Wahyudi1, Hadyana Sukandar1,

Dwi Agustian1
and  Bachti Alisjahbana2,3

Page Number : 1077-1082

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Molecular Identification of Newly Isolated Foodborne
Bacterial Strains from Chevon Meat

Afnan Ahmed Allhyani1, Mohamed Baeshen1
Nagwa Thabet Elsharawy1,2, *

Page Number : 1083-1092

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Biofilm-Mediated Drug Resistance in Candida Species Isolated from
Vulvovaginal Infections: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study

Rammurugan1 and S. Mohan2*

Page Number : 1093-1097

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Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potential of Moringa
Extract Against Food Pathogens

*Ahmed M. Elazzazy1,2, Omar A. Almaghrabi3,
Naif MS Kadasa4, Amal A. Mohamed

Page Number : 1098-1104

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Comparing the Effectiveness of matK and rbcL Barcode Loci to Authenticate
Jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus Growth in Vietnam

Thi Kim Anh Ngo1, Minh Phuong Nguyen1, Thi Anh Thoa Tran1,
Thi Mong Thi Tran1,2, and Viet The Ho1*

Page Number : 1105-1109

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