Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

P-ISSN: 0974-6455 E-ISSN: 2321-4007

Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

Volume 12 Number 4 Oct-Dec 2019

Development of An Efficient Protocol For Rapid Propagation of Curculigo
orchioides Using Leaf Explant Culture

Tran Thi Linh Giang1, Le Phan Quynh Nhu2, Bui Van Thien1, Trinh Thi Ben1, Le Nguyen
Tu Linh1, Vu Quang Dao1, Nguyen Thi Tu Oanh1, Le Huy Tuan3 and Bui Dinh Thach1

Page Number : 1514-1519

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Characteristics of Peptone from the Mackerel, Scomber japonicus Head by-Product as Bacterial Growth Media

Dwi Setijawati1,2, Abdul A. Jaziri1,2,3*, Hefti S. Yufidasari1,2, Dian W. Wardani1, Mohammad  D. Pratomo1, Dinda Ersyah1 and Nurul Huda4,5

Page Number : 829-836

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Endomycorrhizae Enhances Reciprocal Resource Exchange Via Membrane Protein Induction

Faten Dhawi*

Page Number : 837-843

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Does Prediabetic State Affects Dental Implant Health? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Khulud Abdulrahman Al-Aali

Page Number : 844-854

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An Updated  Review  on the Spiders of  Order Araneae from the Districts of Western Ghats of India

Misal PK,*1 Bendre NN,2 Pawar PA,3 Bhoite SH4and Deshpande VY5

Page Number : 855-864

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The Reforms of the General Pension Scheme: Evidence From the Tunisian Health Insurance Fund

Mbarek Rahmoun1*+ and Bouri Amira2

Page Number : 865-875

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Synergetic Role of Endophytic Bacteria in Promoting Plant Growth and Exhibiting Antimicrobial Activities.

Bassam Oudh Al Johny

Page Number : 876-882

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Influence on Diabetic Pregnant Women with a Family History of Type 2 Diabetes

Sameera A. Al-Ghamdi1,2

Page Number : 883-888

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Remediation of Animals, Plant and Insect Toxic Metal, Cadmium through Hyperaccumulator Plant, Solanum nigrum

Ihsan Ullah*

Page Number : 889-893

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Biorefinery Sequential Extraction of Alginate by Conventional and Hydrothermal Fucoidan from the Brown Alga, Sargassum cristaefolium

Sugiono Sugiono*1 and Doni Ferdiansyah2

Page Number : 894-903

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