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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

Volume 12 Number 4 Oct-Dec 2019

Evaluation of Hepatoprotective Potential of  Leaf  Extracts of Some Medicinal Plants Using  HepG2 Cell line

KhadijehAlsadat Tahamtan1 and M. S. Sharada2*

Page Number : 1159-1164

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Geological Source of Fluoride in Fluoride Endemic Region of Gaya District, Bihar, India

Sumeet Ranjan1 and Shahla Yasmin2

Page Number : 1165-1172

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Antagonistic Activity of Lactic Acid Bacteria Against Common Enteric Pathogens Isolated from Milk and Milk Products and Evaluation of their  Probiotic Attributes

Neha Bisht and A. P. Garg*

Page Number : 1173-1184

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Physical, Microbial and Sensory Qualities of Cookies Produced from Composite Flour

Ashwini Tikle1 and Archana Mishra2,3

Page Number : 1185-1193

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A Survey on Internet of Things (IoT) Applications and Challenges for Smart Healthcare and Farming

Rakesh Kumar Saini,1,3Anil Kumar Dahiya2 and Priyanka Dahiya3

Page Number : 1194-1200

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Design and Prediction of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicity Properties of Drugs for Dengue fever Using in-silico Approaches

Arpit Trivedi1,2 , S.M. Dave1 and Jigar Patel2

Page Number : 1201-1209

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The Relationship Between Serum Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Ratio and Functional Status in Patients with Stroke Induced Sarcopenia

Raid Al Baradie

Page Number : 1210-1214

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