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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Volume 12 Number 2 Apr-Jun 2019

Floral Variety of Fabaceae Lindl. Family in Gully Ecosystems in the South-West of the Central Russian Upland

Vladimir I. Cherniavskih1, Elena V. Dumacheva2, Fedor N. Lisetskii3*, Boris G. Tsugkiev4, Larisa Ch. Gagieva4

Page Number : 203-210

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Biosorption of Copper (II) Ions in Aqueous Solution by Microwave-Synthesized Starch-Graft-N-Methyl-N-Vinylacetamide

Camille B. Villocillo1  and Aileen B. Angcajas1,*

Page Number : 211-221

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TYMV Induced Gene Silencing of TrxG Family Gene BrULT2 Affects the Leaf Shape of Chinese Cabbage

Rui Li1, Lixiao Song2, Jing Yu1, Xilin Hou1 and Changwei Zhang1<a href=”#_ftnref1″ name=”_ftn1“>

Page Number : 222-229

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Assessment of Bacteriological Quality of Drinking Water from North Kerala, India

Ambili M and Denoj Sebastian*

Page Number : 239-244

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Measuring Patient Experience in Real Time Using iBeacon Technology

 Dalal Al-Alqusair1,  Isra Al-Turaiki*2,  Abeer Al-Humaimeedy2 and  Ghada Alhudhud2

Page Number : 230-238

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The Mathematical Modelling of Algal Growth for the Production of Biofuels

Kethineni Chandrika1, Edward Mapuor Majok2, Ankit Das3, Shadrack Kasabago Paul4, Thattala Naga Sandeep5 and  Polangoni Anudeep Kumar6

Page Number : 245-250

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Practice of Therapeutic Exercise, Physical Therapy Modalities and Pet Therapy in Negotiating with Depression in Adolescent, Adults and Elderly Population: A Narrative Review

Aksh Chahal1, Pooja Chaudhuri2, Nitesh Malhotra3, Mohammed Qasheesh4 Abu Shaphe5*, Rashid A Beg6 and Mudassir N Shah7

Page Number : 251-257

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CDKN2A/2B rs10811661 Gene Polymorphism and Sedentary Life Style Factors, Their Risk Association with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Indian Population- A Case Control Study.

Amit Kumar Verma1,2*, P.C Joshi2, Rameez Hassan1, Irshad Husain Naqvi3 and Kapil Dev1

Page Number : 258-265

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Isolation and Identification of Bacteria Associated with Red Palm Weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus  from Hail Region, Northern Saudi Arabia

Naimah Asid Alanazi

Page Number : 266-274

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Semantic and Sentiment Analysis for Arabic Texts Using Intelligent Model

Hassanin M. Al-Barhamtoshy1, Haneen T. Hemdi2, Mohamed M. Khamis 2 and Tarik F. Himdi3

Page Number : 275-282

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