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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

Volume 12 Number 3 July- Sep 2019

Engineered Nanomaterials and Their  Properties : A Review

Gagan Kant Tripathi

Page Number : 764-771

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Investigating Corporate Social Responsibility Perceptions for Sustainable Development

Mandeep Bhullar

Page Number : 772-778

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On the Reduction of Health Hazards Caused by Modified Genes in Indigenous Rice Plant Varieties

Preetha Bhadra* and Atanu Deb

Page Number : 779-786

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Antimicrobial Activity of Web of Spider, Stegodyphus sarasenorum on E. coli and S. aureus.

Ujjwala Shivaji Deshmukh* and Ankita S. Pansare

Page Number : 787-789

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Optimization of Cultivation Conditions for Microbial Lipid Production by Rhodotorula glutinis, an Oleaginous Yeast

Gaurav Verma,1Pragya Anand, 2Srinath Pandey, 1Shyamji Nagar3 and  Vinay Dwivedi1*

Page Number : 790-797

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Comparative Study of the Zno and Zno Coated with Sio2 As Potential Antimicrobial and Anticancer Drugs

Preetha Bhadra1* , Biplab Dutta2, Debopriyo Bhattyacharya2 and  Sampad Mukherjee2*

Page Number : 798-808

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A Report on the Diversity  of Spider Fauna from  Charghad River Basin of Morshi, Amravati  India.

Deshmukh US* and Tekade AP

Page Number : 809-813

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A Brief Note on Molluscan  Diversity from Water Bodies of Amravati  Ms

Gajanan A. Wagh1*, Qureshi, H A2, Patil S.R3

Page Number : 814-819

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Antiangiogenic Potential of Endophytic Fungi Alternaria Alternata Isolated from Lawsonia inermis Linn

Neha N. Bendre* and Ghanshyam R. Gonjari

Page Number : 820-828

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