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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Volume 12 Number 3 July- Sep 2019

Bioecological Assessment of Arable Soils Pollution: A Case Study of Belgorod Region

Evgeniya Ya. Zelenskaya1, Sergey A. Kukharuk2, Anastasiya G. Naroznyaya2, Larisa V. Martsinevskaya2 and Nina V. Sazonova2

Page Number : 548-555

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Feed Utilization and Growth of Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus Fingerlings fed with three Composed Feeds Formulated with Locally Available Raw Materials

Kouadio Larissa Pelagie Ella1,2, Koumi Ahou Rachel2*, Atsé Boua Célestin1, Gonnety Tia Jean1 and Kouamé Lucien Patrice1

Page Number : 556-564

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Genetic Polymorphism Studies in MTHFR Gene With Acute myeloid Leukemia in the Saudi population

Abdullah Farasani1,2*

Page Number : 577-583

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Role of genetic Variants in Immunoregulatory and Oxidative Stress Genes with Predisposition to Pre-eclampsia: A possibility for Predicting the High Risks in Synergetic Reaction

Safia Begum,1,2* Hafsa Ambareen,3 Mohd Ishaq,2 Parveen Nyamath2 and  Imran Ali Khan4

Page Number : 584-589

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Correlation of English Language Proficiency with Multidisciplinary Examination Score Achieved by Indonesian First Grade Medical Students

Afiat Berbudi1*Amelia Putri Marissa2†, Kurnia Wahyudi3, Eko Fuji Ariyanto4

Page Number : 590-593

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Impact of Endemic Calciphilous Flora of the Central Russian Upland on the Nitrogen Regime of Carbonate Soils and Sub-Soils

Vladimir I. Cherniavskih1, Elena V. Dumacheva2, Fedor N. Lisetskii3*, Irina V. Batlutskaya4 and Valentina B. Tsugkieva5

Page Number : 594-600

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Role of Bacteriocin in Tackling the Global   Problem of  Multi-Drug Resistance : An Updated Review

K.L.R.Bonhi1 and Sabiha Imran*2

Page Number : 601-608

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Usnic Acid Inhibits Cell Proliferation Via Downregulation of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) Expression in Gastric Carcinoma AGS Cells

Kunal Kumar1*, Jai P N Mishra1 and Rana P Singh2

Page Number : 609-613

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Use of Bougainvillea glabra Plants in Minimizing Vehicular Pollution in Jazan Area of Saudi Arabia

Atheer Marwaee Muhammad, Najla Ahmad Huwaishli, Shara Muhammad Ali and Ruqaya Jabeen

Page Number : 614-622

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Characterization Studies on Starch Extracted from the Stem of Pineapple Plant (Ananas comosus) at Different Growth Stages

Rinju R and B S Harikumaran Thampi*

Page Number : 623-630

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