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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Human Health Risk Surveillance of Organochlorine Pesticides
in River Water and Fishes from Bangladesh

M. Anwarul Hasan, 2Anuj Kumer Das and 1Mohammed A. Satter

Page Number : 1777-1785

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Phytoremediation Potential of Flowering Plants in Relation to Copper

S.N. Vityaz, M.M. Kolosova, M.S. Dremova, and E.B. Rotkina

Page Number : 1786-1792

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On the Diversity of Biofilm-Forming Bacteria in Chinnamuttom Harbor of Southeast India

*1,2P. Nithya, 1B. Dhanalakshmi and 2S. Vijayalakshmi

Page Number : 1793-1799

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Corona Virus Disease 2019: Origin, Transmission, Diagnosis,
Vaccine and Treatment: A Review Article

Sana AlAttas*, Asalah Alotibi, Budur Alotaibi,
Najla Alotaibi and Ghadah Alsubhi

Page Number : 905-916

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An Overview Applications of Digital Orthodontic
Unleashing A New Era

Aljazi Aljabaa

Page Number : 917-921

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Materials and Techniques for Microencapsulation of Probiotics: Literature Based Review

Mohammad Eshaq Safi1, Redwanullah Memlawal2 and Sayed Attaul Haq Banuree3*

Page Number : 922-928

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Oral Rehabilitation in an Eight Year  Child With Rieger’s
Syndrome: A 3-Year Follow-Up Case Report

Abeer Ali Alshami*

Page Number : 929-931

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Insights into Biochemical Degradation of the Organophosphate Pesticide,
Diazinon by Soil Microorganisms and their Mechanisms of Actions

Majdah Aburas*

Page Number : 932-941

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Justification of Choosing and Making Managerial Decisions Concerning
Land Reclamation Measures: A Probabilistic Model

Igor Alexandrovich Prikhodko

Page Number : 942-947

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Development of Small Forms of Farming In the Agricultural Sector: Trends and Outlook

Ivan Mikhailovich Kulikov1,2*and Ivan Alekseevich Minakov3

Page Number : 948-955

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