Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

Volume 15 Number (2) April-May-June 2022

Elephant Foot Yam Peels as Substrate for the Production of Alkaline Xylanase
from Aspergillus terreus Using Solid State Fermentation

Richa Nenava,1 Sadhana Nighojkar,2 Mukesh K. Patidar,3
Anil Kumar1 and Anand Nighojkar3*

Page Number : 338-349

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Antimicrobial Activity of Apple Cider Vinegar Treated Selected Vegetables
Against Common Food Borne Bacterial Pathogens

Jyotsana Singh and Amar P. Garg*

Page Number : 350-356

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In vivo Immunotoxicity Assessment of Atrazine in two Economically-Important Marine Pelecypoda Species

Muhammed Zafar Iqbal AN1*, Navalgund MA2,

Manawadi SM3, Sanjotha G4and Mohd. Sajid Khan5

Page Number : 357-366

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Biodegradation Potential of Phenol and Toluene by Marine Staphylococcus
Isolated from the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Fatemah S. Basingab1,2*, 1Walaa E. Nuqali1, Bothaina A. Alaidaroos1,
Najwa M. Alharbi1, Reda H. Amasha 1and Reem M. Farsi1

Page Number : 367-371

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