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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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VOLUME-11 No-1 Jan – Mar 2018

Ethics in Publishing: An Opinion on its Importance

Mohd. Kamran Khan1, Anamika Pandey1*, Saumya Choudhary2, Kamer Gulcan1, Sheeba Khan3, Shivani Rustagi4, George Thomas2, Mehmet Hamurcu1, Sait Gezgin1 and Erdogan E. Hakki1*

Page Number : 1-4

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Biophotonics and Machine Learning Model for the Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV

Anubha Dubey

Page Number : 5-10

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Hand Hygiene Practice Among Laboratory Workers in Selected Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Alaidarous1 and Mohamed I. Waly2,3

Page Number : 11-17

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Review on Bacterial Production of Alkaline Pectinase with Special Emphasis on Bacillus Species

Bijesh Kavuthodi and Denoj Sebastian*

Page Number : 18-30

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A Regenerative Protocol and SEM Study for in Vitro Propagation of Anthurium Crossed Lines Via Indirect Somatic Embryogenesis

G P Bhavana1, Kumudini Belur Satyan2 and C. Aswath3

Page Number : 31-40

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Clinical Uses and Toxicity of Atropa Belladonna; an Evidence Based Comprehensive Retrospective Review (2003-2017)

Hanine Almubayedh1, Reem Albannay1, Kawthar Alelq1, Rizwan Ahmad2*, Niyaz Ahmad3 and Atta Abbas Naqvi4

Page Number : 41-48

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Simultaneous Degradation of Organochlorine Pesticides by Microbial Consortium

Madhu Raju Saghee1,2 and Rajkumar Bidlan2*

Page Number : 49-54

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Evidence of Biological Activity of Pulicaria Crispa on Biomphalaria Pfeifferi Host Snails of Schistosoma Mansoni

Elnour Abdelmageed,1* Hamid O. Bushara2 and Mohanad Abdelgadir1

Page Number : 55-59

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Plant Regeneration from Direct and Indirect Organogenesis and Assessment of Genetic Fidelity in Saccharum Officinarum Using DNA-Based Markers

Avinash S. Thorat1,2*, Nishant A. Sonone1, Vrushali V. Choudhari1, Rachayya M. Devarumath1 and K. Harinath Babu1

Page Number : 60-69

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Efficacy of Closed Loop Feedback System with Augmented Virtual Reality Visual Cues Training on Gait and Functional Performance in Stroke Patients

Abu Shaphe1*, Iftikar Hussain Shalla2, Raid Saleem Al Baradie3 and Mohammad Qasheesh4

Page Number : 70-75

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