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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

Ali Saad Kadhim1,Hamzia Ali Ajah2 and Ekhlass N. Ali2

1College of Basic Education, University of Waist, Kut, Iraq, Department of Science, Al-Kut city. Iraq.

2Department of Biology, College of Science, Mustansiryiah University, Baghdad, Iraq

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Article Publishing History

Received: 11/05/2021

Accepted After Revision: 19/07/2021


Diabetes mellitus type II is the most common type of diabetes mellitus in the Iraqi population and is affected via immunogenic factors. The ILA gene polymorphism may be impact significant on the development of disease. The current study investigates the impact of rs(3819024) on the serum level of IL17A.The study enrolled 75 patients (32 male and 43 female) and 75 healthy as control ( 42 male and 33 female ); their age means± SD. were (40.2 ± 13.4)years. Tetra –ARMS-PCR,ELIZA are techniques used in this study.The results revealed that IL17A level showed no-gender-associated variation in patients groups, whereas it was significantly increased in both genders of patients compared healthy. The genotype of SNP showed polymorphic frequencies, and GGgenotype recorded ahigh significant (28%)withthe impact of the SNP genotype on cytokines levels. Only AG genotype impactsthe levels with particular in females more than males. In conclusion, a positive influence of rs3819024 on IL17A leveland gender played a role in influence.


Polymorphism; IL-17Agene;Type II Diabetes Mellitus.

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