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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

1Tej Raj, 2Mukesh Pathela, and 3Champa Devi

1,2DBIT Dehradun, 3BFIT Dehradun, India

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Article Publishing History

Received: 15/05/2021

Accepted After Revision: 28/07/2021


e-Healthcare or remote health monitoring system is getting popular due to the present scenario like COVID-19. It is difficult for the regular checkup of patients to visit in the health care unit as well as for doctors to diagnose the patient from time to time. In such cases, there must be a solution that will continuously monitor the patient’s health, store the history of a patient, and easily assessable to the health care unit or doctor at remote places and this can be possible by the use of wireless technology. Instead of monitor the patient’s health inside the hospital rooms, with the help of sensors, intelligent edge devices, and cloud computing it is possible to monitor the patient’s health while doing its normal activities at home. In this paper, we have presented the system in which, with the help of sensor technology and edge device raspberry pi to monitor the patient’s illness and then ingest the sensor data from raspberry pi to cloud platform for further processing of that data. We have used the electrocardiogram, heart rate, and temperature sensors for measuring the vital illness parameter of the body. This system is helpful for people with chronological illness, victims of the accident, elder people who need continuous monitoring of their health.


IoT(Internet of Things), Remote health monitoring, e-health, ECG, MCP3008, Pulse sensor.

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