Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

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Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications

An Open Access International Journal

Rahul Adhikary* and Arunabha Pal

Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry Centurion University of Technology and Management, Odisha, India

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Article Publishing History

Received: 07/10/2020

Accepted After Revision: 30/12/2020


Protected Cultivation practices are cropping technique to maximize the plant yield by controlling the micro environment around the plant either partially or fully during the time period of plant growth. Commonly used protected cultivation practices are greenhouse (forced and naturally ventilated), shade net house, polythene tunnel and mulching, raised beds and drip irrigation. Inside the greenhouses, micro controlled climate is maintained by changing the humidity, temperature and ventilation to facilitate healthy growth of the plant. These innovations needs careful planning, mindfulness and data about course of events of creation and also, gather time to correspond with high market costs, selection of assortments embraced for the slow time of year conditions. Nursery is a counterfeit structure takes a shot at the wonder which is known as nursery impact. Poly tunnel has all in all two essential parts, initial one is framework and second one is creation innovation of harvests. Foundation includes different designing parts of secured structure improvement. The second part creation innovation of harvests includes logical examinations to build up the assortments appropriate for ensured development, picking the kind of yields and normalizing the creation conventions. Polytunnels can be used to provide a higher temperature and/or humidity than that which is available in the environment but can also protect crops from intense heat, bright sunlight, winds, hailstones, and cold waves. This allows fruits and vegetables to be grown at times usually considered off season; market gardeners commonly use polytunnels for season extension. Legislature of India is additionally furnishing half appropriation on all out use with a most extreme slice off limit up to 4000 m2 for each recipient for reception and introducing nurseries under National Horticulture Mission.


Protected Cultivation, Poly Tunnel.

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