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Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction in Prosthodontists Working in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nawaf Labban*, Sulieman S. Al-Johany, Hanan Al-Otaibi, Sara Alfadda, Nouf Al-Shibani, Reem Al-Kattan and  Sahar Faisal Albarakati

Department of Prosthetic Dental Science, College of Dentistry, King Saud University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

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  • Received: 06/10/2019
  • Accepted: 30/11/2019

The aim of the present study was to appraise the stress levels and job satisfaction among prosthodontists working in KSA among different domains. A cross sectional survey (a type of observational study design) was conducted among prosthodontists. Information regarding prosthodontists were obtained from Saudi dental society. A questionnaire along with consent form was sent through monkey survey tool. The questionnaire was distributed into 5 domains with a total of 60 questions. Out of the 200 emails sent to the prosthodontists, 117 (58.5%) of the responses were obtained. Descriptive analysis tabulation was done by using SPSS version 22. Means and standard deviation were calculated among different domains. By applying ANOVA and comparing mean score comparison between different domain. 117 participants included in the study, of whom 86 (73.5%) were females and 31 (26.5%) were male respondents. Majority of the samples taken from participants were from age 31-40 years [54 (46.2%)] and 41-50 years [41 (35.0%)]. Most of the samples 36.8% had clinical experience between 3-8 years, and majority of them 32.5% spent more than 25 hours working in clinic per week. Most of the respondents were Saudi Nationals. 42.7% dentists expressed that ‘frustration with the quality of lab work’ is a reason of regret choosing prosthodontics profession as a specialty. 67.4% respondents expressed that they were passionate about the profession as it’s a challenging one. 50.4% participants were of the view that they will opt for ‘Prosthodontics’ specialty if again given the opportunity. Overall, mean scores regarding Quality of Life (QoL) & Job Satisfaction as Prosthodontist were satisfactory. The job satisfaction and stress levels among prosthodontists working in KSA was satisfactory. However, work should be done in trying to minimize work related stress by minimizing clinical commitment better preparation of technicians which will indirectly influence job satisfaction and stress levels.

KEYWORDS:Job Satisfaction, Stress, Prosthodontics, Dentists, Saudi Arabia.