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Effectiveness Of Balance Training Program In Improving The Functional Mobility And Risk Of Fall In Obese And Osteoporotic Patients

Pooja Chaudhuri 1* and Nilo. Z. Kiba2

1Department of Physiotherapy, Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University, Rajasthan

2Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Composite Regional Centre, Assam


E-Pub Date: 17/05/2019

Received: 03/05/2019

Accepted: 04/06/2019

ABSTRACT:Obesity is considered as a rising problem in India and around the world generally seen in individual having sedentary life style and at older ages and  risk of Falls especially in osteoporotic population. In order to increase the quality of life in elderly & reduce the incidence of fall it becomes a health priority in clinical intervention. The patients were divided sequentially into two groups: the group who were to performed Borg balance training session Exercise Group (group A) consisting of 22 patients and other Control group (group B) consisting of 20 patients were oriented for risk of fall through a seminar and calcium substitutes were advised for osteoporosis. With improvement seen in the functional mobility and functional balance there was also an significant difference seen with reduction in the frequency of fall in between groups supervised exercise followed by home based exercise protocol and regular telephonic follow-up proved to improve on functional mobility, functional balance and reduce frequency of fall.

KEYWORDS:Effectiveness, clinical intervention, Obesity