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The present study was aimed to assess the level of awareness of knowledge, awareness and practices of physicians in Primary-Care Centers Hail, Saudi Arabia. Cross-sectional and descriptive responses were obtained by using a semistructured multi-point questionnaire that was prepared in English as well as in Arabic. It consisted of open and closedended questions. The data were analyzed using SPSS tool. A total of 62 subjects were included in the study. More than one third of subjects were <40 years of age with mean age of 44.26±11.00 ranging from 26-72 years. Majority
viewed that diabetic type 1 patient should visit an ophthalmologist after diagnosis (82.3%). Retinal vascular disease was reported as the most common eye disease associated with diabetic retinopathy (66.1%). About one third of the subjects adapted direct (hand-held) ophthalmoscope and a dilated fundus exam for evaluating diabetic retinopathy each constituting 33.9% and 32.3% respectively. Journals were the main source of knowledge about diabetic retinopathy (72.6%). This study displays the need for hands on training of physicians about detection of diabetic retinopathy by direct use of ophthalmoscopes. Barriers for ophthalmoscope examination as perceived need to be further addressed and evaluated.