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Heartiest greetings


        BBRC takes a great pleasure in welcoming the new government’s science policy under the dynamic leadership of Honourable PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, who meant business from day one, of assuming the prestigious offi ce in New Delhi. A mammoth task awaits him and his enthusiastic team in tackling several vital technology based issues like free education, continuous cheaper power and communication, growing science and technology based jobs, free health for all through health rights of more than a billion people for a healthy and strong nation, cleaner environment along with a proud and privileged democratic and secular traditions of a unique country. The scientifi c community expects that the PMs team will give a new dimension to our country of young people. BBRC wishes him best of luck for a resounding and overwhelming success in making India a techno smart nation.

        In the PM’s stress on building a world class skilled India, with people not having just certifi cates and degrees, but cutting practical and theoretical knowledge to become leaders, it becomes imperative for us to whole heartedly contribute to science and technology at all levels, starting from the grass roots. This will enable our leaders to do their job more effi ciently. It’s a saddened fact that, fundamental biology has been on a back seat since the arrival of lucrative, fast- food like jobs in other non - science areas. It’s diffi cult to convince the young generation to stay put in for a scientifi c career which requires dedication, sincerity, commitment and hard work of decades, with no immediate recognition, fame and money. But we hope and pray that India will become a world leader in fundamental science and its applications.

         As the founder and editor of BBRC, for over 7 years, I have the privilege of bringing the fact to your kind notice that this scientifi c communication in a short span of time has played a signifi cant role in becoming a quality platform for its large number of readers and contributors from all over the world. The journals policy of reviewing every paper by experts, though time consuming, publishing and printing using state of the art technology, makes it different and has helped it carve a niche of its own in the fi ercely competitive world of publication.

       I take this opportunity of expressing heartfelt gratitude to our reverend reviewers, contributors, readers and well wishers

Amicably yours
Dr Sharique A. Ali

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(Vol 8 Issue 1 2015)
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