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Heartiest greetings,

Donning the mantle of editor, Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications, (BBRC) for six years has been a delightful experience, specially working with a young editorial team full of enthusiasm. During this period, BBRC has taken significant academic strides, from a modest start of 20 research publications to over 400 now in its collectors volumes, indexed in prestigious citation agencies, earning an impact factor based circulation.

Contributions from stalwarts like Drs. Kiran S. Majumdar of Bio Con, H.A.Akinobossun FLS, UK, B. Saad of the American University, F. Sultan of USA, M. Hussain and many other luminaries across the globe have made the journal find a niche for its unique style, dedicated peer reviewing and flawless printing. The fact that it has received a large number of papers from different prestigious research labs has made the reading material a pleasure, hats off to our reverend reviewers for taking out their precious time to make a Herculean task possible of timely scrutinising every paper in detail, and consequently revising more than 70 % of the received manuscripts. Unfortunately, a large number of papers were also returned. This has made BBRC one of the most outstanding platforms of quality scientific communication in a short span of time.

Though painful, it is a fact that science, particularly fundamental biology is on a back seat and is taking a beating from other fast lucrative job-oriented courses. Indian and the subcontinent research and development institutes, universities and colleges are finding it hard to muster students for this noble humanity - serving branch of science, which has made our life far better during the last 50 years!

With a hope and fervent wish that this burgeoning science of biology and its applied kith and kin will not be allowed to become extinct, it is our prayer that good communication media, both the print and electronic forms will play an important role to make science of life a reason to live!

Thank you once again for your magnanimous academic help and cooperation.

Looking forward to receive your hard earned scientific contributions in the forthcoming issues of your own journal.

Amicably yours

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Editorial Team

Dr. Sharique A. Ali

Dr. Ayesha S. Ali

Mr. Ram Kumar Choudhary

Dr. Mohd. Miraj

Dr. Jaya Peter

Dr. Keisham V. Meitei